The Modern Rules Of CD Duplication.

CD Duplication industry has grown to become one of the biggest CD and DVD duplication centers in the country. • $2.30 each for 100 or more aerodynamic discs with complete graphics print on a spindle. We create wedding CDs, CD packaging, audiobooks, golf instructionals, healthcare dvd duplication Gatlinburgg CDs and DVDs, spiritual CDs and DVDs, and high quality CD mailers and DVDs. This means full colour printing and high quality on the surface of each and every disk for excellent detail and lifelike imagery.Image result for cd duplication

Bison Disc has been meeting customer needs nationwide (and International) for both CDs and DVDs for over 20 years — We all know our business so we can assist you best. Your entire project will be completed by Moon Valley Media Engine under a single roof, which saves you a tremendous amount of time and money. Replication contains the invention of a glass master from a client’s unique master, a nickel stamper created from that glass master, as well as the injection molding of clear optical-grade polycarbonate substrates (clear disks) in your nickel stamper.

Both offset printing and screen printing is available for discs that are replicated. Our service turnaround is only 5 business days, which means that you may have your merchandise quickly. Great company, responded to queries and product delivered on-time as promised. Every replicated disc is checked for errors, and a quality expert listens to or watches a final copy of your disc catch some problems and to confer with your master once your project is complete.

And, finally, if you’re searching for the best video quality Bison’s Blu-ray DVDs are unrivaled by any other optical disk maker in the united states. We provide quality products and production. Low price, Quality, usb flash drives, duplication, and replication with no set up fees. An optical disc and glass master production firm devoted to efficiency and high quality standards.Image result for cd duplication

Disc2Day also provides same or next day, and a 3 business day warranty on many retail prepared bulk CDs and DVDs, in addition to CD duplication complete packages or DVD duplication complete packages that include printing, packaging and wrap, and sparking request from start to finish fulfilling the requirements of your duplication or replication jobs.

We can print, package and burn your disk, and your flash drives are loaded by data in 24 to 48 hours if necessary. We offer much CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Blu-Ray Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Replication Blank CD Printing, Blank DVD Printing, Blank Blu-Ray Printing & more. Our discount CD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Duplication, and DVD Replication services will help your customized job come alive with our cheap providers that are discounted.

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